WATCH: Thomas Tuchel talks club of the year award, heavy schedule and more


Ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Watford tomorrow, Thomas Tuchel has provided some key updates.

Below is the interview in full:


Below is a transcript of the video:

Thomas Tuchel on team news:


Romelu is easy. He came on and continues to train. No reaction from his ankle. He is ready to progress in minutes, this is where he is. For sure out is Chilly, Kova and N’Golo. We have some doubts of players, more time and examinations. Reece James, Jorgi and Timo. They all trained today but there will be some last minute decisions.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Club of the Year:


It’s a nice award because it’s a team effort. If individual players shine, all our and Women’s players deserve to be on the list. It’s always due to a team effort, that’s why it’s a nice award. We have strong Academy and Women’s team. Full credit to everybody.

🔹Thomas Tuchel on managing heavy schedule:

“It will be challenging, but it was challenging before, so we don’t change our routine. We have very close and tight communication with medical and fitness department. We try to predict the load, look into the data. From there, we see what we need and still we do it step by step. If you look too far ahead, you can see that it will be some tough weeks. That’s why we focus on the details & the next game, or next two where we can rely on predictions. It’s on the players to take recovery seriously, in the next weeks we have to be very good, in sleeping and taking the right food and supplements to recover well because the games are intense.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “We trust the full squad.”

Thomas Tuchel on Club World Cup:

“They will both [Mendy and Ziyech] be back even if they play the final [at AFCON].”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Club World Cup: ”

My focus is on Watford. There are zero focus on World Cup right now.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on left wing-back options:

“Yes we have [cover]. We have Marcos, who started at the start when Chilly was in a difficult moment. We trust him, he is experienced. If suddenly one has a longer injury, it can seem like we don’t have enough [cover]. Is that possible to play every three days? Possibly not. Callum can play there, and we have other ideas that we can, and have to maybe try. Marcos is in charge.

🔹Thomas Tuchel on forwards lacking goals (1/2):

“They try hard. Their contribution to our high press is immense. You can see this in every game live and in the data afterwards. When they arrive with chances, they don’t arrive fully relaxed. That maybe costs us with precision.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on forwards lacking goals (2/2):

“It’s a good sign that we have the feeling that we deserve more. We trust them. They have the quality to score. It’s on us to bring them into positions where it’s possible to score, and to do this as often as possible, maybe more often. They have the quality. They have huge impact on our defensive game. That’s why, in general, we are happy with them.”


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