Watch Jamie Carragher send YouTube sensation Joe Weller flying onto his backside in hilarious video… then appear to call him a ‘p****’


Jamie Carragher was a defender who took no prisoners.

Throughout the course of his glittering career with Liverpool and the England national team, he always gave 110% on the pitch and was never one to shy away from confrontation.


If you were a striker coming up against Carragher, you certainly knew about it from the very first whistle.

The Sky Sports pundit just loves a bit of aggro when he’s on the pitch – even during a charity match.

Back in 2016, Carragher featured in a game known as the EE Wembley Cup. It was contested between Spencer FC and Weller Wanderers, with the teams made up of vloggers, retired professional footballers and various other celebrities.


During proceedings at the national stadium, there was a bit of a rivalry developing between Carragher and YouTuber Joe Weller, one which boiled over in the 56th minute of play.

Check out footage of the incident…


Video: Carragher’s brutal tackle on Weller

When the two contested for the ball, Carragher decided to plant his studs in Weller’s leg, which looked pretty darn painful.

And to rub salt in the wounds, the Liverpool legend unforgivingly called his opponent a “stupid little p***k” straight after.

If you’re going to get into a feud with Carragher, be prepared to experience some pain.

Video: Weller’s response to Carragher



After the conclusion of the charity match, Weller called out the Sky Sports pundit in a YouTube video, telling him to “grow up” in the process.

“Fair enough, for the majority of the game I was in his back pocket,” Weller said. “He’s a professional footballer who played in the Premier League two seasons ago!

“But mate, why are you elbowing people in the face? And just kicking me?! What are you doing?

“When he did foul us, he would never say sorry or show an ounce of class, he would call us a ‘f****** stupid little p****’. I mean, a 40-year-old bloke! What are you doing? Just grow up!”

Video: Carragher said he’d “do it again”

Carragher didn’t show any remorse when he was asked about the incident during a Q&A session on Soccer AM a few months later, though.

Carragher said: “He was just annoying me in the game, I’d never heard of him, supposedly a big star on YouTube, he was acting the ‘big star’ on the pitch, so I gave him a slap.

“I loved munching Joe Weller in that game and if I get a chance I’ll be doing it again.”


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