‘Underrated’ Curtis Jones impresses Liverpool fans despite Arsenal draw

Some Liverpool fans liked what they saw from Curtis Jones against Arsenal, despite a disappointing draw. Should the Scouser have started?

Liverpool weren’t at their best against Arsenal, which is honestly a gross understatement. The Reds played the majority of this against 10 men and didn’t muster much at all. That, quite plainly, is terrible.


Of course, they were without Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, and Thiago. But again, they were playing against 10 men at home and with a decent side. They controlled the game fine, too – Liverpool just failed to do the important bit.

And so there were very few positives here. Liverpool didn’t have to do much defending and completely fell apart in the attack. Understandably, fans aren’t happy. There was at least one positive, however. Curtis Jones came off the bench and quickly looked like Liverpool’s most inventive player, something fans pointed out.



Should Curtis Jones have started for Liverpool vs Arsenal?

In short, yes. He certainly should have come on earlier once Arsenal were down to 10 men. Liverpool spent the entire game crying out for a more inventive midfielder but by the time Jones entered the fray, the Gunners have some comfort.

We have our reservations with Jones playing as a left-winger. As a midfielder, though, he’s one of the best progressive players Liverpool have. The 20-year-old is a massive talent, in fact, and one who can open teams up.

With Thiago missing, Liverpool were crying out for a midfielder like that. James Milner made sense from the off to help cover Takumi Minamino on the left but that meant the team just wasn’t as inventive as it could have been.

So come Sunday, we hope to see Jones in the starting XI. He was what Liverpool needed here – we just saw him too late.


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