NBA Notebook: Triple double night as Lakers down Warriors


It was a delightful triple double night for three stars on Monday night as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets and the Bucks continued with their impressive performances in the second round of the NBA season.

LeBron James who is still missing his partner Anthony Davis, was at the heart of things for the Los Angeles Lakers as they edged out the Golden State Warriors.


He was one of three potential MVP guys who posted a triple double in Monday’s matchups as the Lakers beat Warriors 128-97.

The Warriors had turned the corner, temporarily, heading into the game after Stephen Curry posted 32 points on his 33rd birthday to help them end a losing streak of four games against the Jazz 131-119.

But they ended up in the defeat loop again as their season struggles continue.


The Los Angeles Lakers, on the other hand, made it two out of two to stay third in the Western Conference table.

Alongside LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks dropped his third consecutive triple double to help his side past the Washington Wizards 133-122, and to secure their fourth consecutive win. 


Elsewhere, James Harden also posted a triple double for the Brooklyn Nets who defeated Knicks by a 5 point margin 112-117.

Harden recorded 21 points, 15 rebounds and 15 assists on the night.

March 15, Final Scores/Leaders

Kings – 116 Hornets – 122

Fox: 29 Pts. Fox: 8 Asts. Holmes: 15 Rebs.

Rozier: 26 Pts. Zeller: 6 Asts. Biyombo: 10 Rebs.

Bucks – 133 Wizards – 122

Antetokounmpo: 31 Pts. Antetokounmpo: 10 Asts. Antetokounmpo: 15 Rebs.

Beal: 37 Pts. Westbrook: 17 Asts. Hachimura: 7 Rebs.

Knicks – 112 Nets – 117

Randle: 33 Pts. Randle: 6 Asts. Randle: 12 Rebs.

Irving: 34 Pts. Harden: 15 Asts. Harden: 15 Rebs.

Spurs – 109 Pistons – 99

Murray: 19 Pts. Murray: 6 Asts. Poeltl: 12 Rebs.

Jackson: 15 Pts. Wright: 8 Asts. Plumlee: 12 Rebs.

Clippers – 109 Mavericks – 99

Leonard: 22 Pts. Leonard: 7 Asts. Zubac: 11 Rebs.

Doncic: 25 Pts. Doncic: 16 Asts. Doncic: 10 Rebs.

Pacers – 106 Nuggets – 131

Brogdon: 24 Pts. Sabonis: 10 Asts. Sabonis: 9 Rebs.

Jokic: 32 Pts. Murray: 8 Asts. Jokic: 14 Rebs.

Grizzlies – 99 Suns – 122

Valanciunas: 24 Pts. Morant: 4 Asts. Valanciunas: 17 Rebs.

Booker: 27 Pts. Paul: 7 Asts. Ayton: 9 Rebs.

Lakers – 128 Warriors – 97

Harrell: 27 Pts. James: 11 Asts. James: 10 Rebs.

Curry: 27 Pts. Green: 7 Asts. Wiseman: 8 Rebs.



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