Top mobile games to keep your brain active

With most schools now closed down to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in the world, many students have found themselves inactive. Plans to start e-learning for students has also not gone through. The effect of this period of inactivity is that students could end up having inactive brains.

Researchers have indicated that a period of inactivity usually gets the brain relaxed and this could affect the ability of students to catch up when school finally reopens. But how does one prevent this harmful situation from happening?

Mobile gaming is the answer. It is an established fact that playing mobile games help people to improve problem-solving skills, enhances memory, improves attention and concentration, improves multitasking skills and many others.

To help you deal with the inactiveness and its potential consequences, we are bringing you the top 5 mobile games to help keep your brain active.

Mobile games to keep your brain active


  • Get various tips to improve your accuracy speed and strategy.
  • You can define your gameplay to level up your exercise.
  • You can exercise mindfulness drills to attain rational evidence.
  • Basing on your practice modes and choices, get a complete set of innovative games.
  • Improve your computation skills and defy your estimation efficiency.
  • Improve your reading skills and also expand your vocabulary.
  • Enjoy the games you prefer most to relax and refresh your mind.
  • There are games that you can play within a short time, so it’s not time-consuming.
  • The training plan designed by this brain game is suitable for both kids and adults.


  • Improve your writing, speaking and reading skill, and your IQ level by daily workout.
  • Analyze your detailed performance and get feedback.
  • Get the training program so that you can follow it systematically.
  • Get 40 different games collaborated with specialists.
  • Get your activity results and struck down your improvements regularly.
  • Elevate is one of the best brain games for Android, where you can compare your scores with others.
  • Get more than 35 games to achieve specific cognitive skills.
  • You can personalize your daily workouts, converging on your requirements.
  • Find your workout calendar to track your stripes so that you can stay motivated.
mobile games
Interface of Elevate. Credit: the siliconreview



  • Improve your cognitive skills with scientific procedures.
  • It encourages you to train yourself daily with a fresh challenge.
  • Attend daily, weekly, and monthly training programs.
  • It’s flexible; moreover, you can train yourself and track down the performance.
  • Compare your performance with other players online.
  • Sharpen your skills and train your brain with challenging tasks.
  • Get the opportunity to train your reflexes.
  • Increase your accuracy and speed; at the same time, improve your memory and touch ability.
Mobile games
Credit: Jalan Tikus


  • Increase your IQ and memory with this scientifically developed app.
  • It combines your mind and brain altogether with the development program.
  • Practice its specific 24 brain games with more than seven hundred levels.
  • Exercise your math, logic, memory, and concentration skills in the development process.
  • Enjoy the games and, at the same time, lower your stress by that.
  • You can select and focus on your interested fields of development here.
  • Get personalized and focused routine workout as per your requirement.
  • You can assess your performance and do the needful.
mobile games
Credit: Southwest shadow


  • Get a different kind of 27 exercises with  250 levels.
  • Get balance training with positive motivation.
  • A successful study reveals the effectiveness of this app conducted by the Department of General Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Monitor your progress closely and compare it with the group.
  • You can personalize your training and focus on your exciting segments.
  • It is one of the best brain games for Android, where you will get a new set of exercises and workouts regularly.
  • Enjoy the comprehensive customer care from the authority.
mobile games
NeuroNation Brain Games. Credit: NeuroNation


The aforementioned mobile games might be targeted at developing the brain of students but they could also prove essential for workers who are still not engaged in active work. To download any of these games, go to your play store, search, and download. Happy gaming and stay safe!

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