Harden-less Rockets edge out Spurs


Houston Rockets showed no signs of impact as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs, just a few hours after trading James Harden to Brooklyn Nets.

In the absence of Harden, Christian Wood and Sterling Brown stepped up to net 50 points in their 109- 105 win over Spurs. Wood’s 27 points was only bettered by Keldon Jonhson’s 29 points while Brown scored 23 points in the 37 minutes he spent on the court.


Rockets were the dominant side as they won all but one of the 4 quarters of the game. They won the first 30-27; drew the second 18-18 and won the third 34-26.

The victory comes days after James Harden, who has now left the franchise, criticized his teammates, indicating that the team are not good enough for a championship challenge. 

They are currently 14th in the league and will hope to put together a good run in the absence of the departed James Harden.


January 14, Final Scores/Leaders:

Other results from yesterday’s match ups.

Heat – 108 Sixers – 125


Robinson: 22 Pts. Vincent: 8 Asts. Achiuwa: 11 Rebs./Milton: 31 Pts. Simmons: 12 Asts. Simmons: 10 Rebs.

Hornets – 108 Raptors – 111

Rozier: 22 Pts. Ball: 11 Asts. Washington: 11 Rebs./Boucher: 25 Pts. Lowry: 12 Asts. Boucher: 10 Rebs.

Rockets – 109 Spurs – 105

Wood: 27 Pts. Tate: 10 Asts. Wood: 15 Rebs./Johnson: 29 Pts. DeRozan: 7 Asts. Murray: 8 Rebs.

Warriors – 104 Nuggets – 114

Curry: 35 Pts. Green: 7 Asts. Curry: 11 Rebs./Jokic: 23 Pts. Jokic: 10 Asts. Jokic: 14 Rebs.

Pacers – 111 Blazers – 87

Brogdon: 25 Pts. McConnell: 8 Asts. Sabonis: 15 Rebs./Lillard: 22 Pts. Lillard: 4 Asts. Kanter: 9 Rebs.



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