Playboy model Daniella Chavez raises £6.5 million from OnlyFans in bid to buy her favorite football club


Playboy model Daniella Chavez has raised a whooping £6.5 million from her OnlyFans account in a bid to buy her favorite football club, O’Higgins FC, as per The Sun.

Chavez started her OnlyFans account two weeks ago, looking to raise funds to purchase O’Higgins, with the football club based in her hometown of Rancagua. The Chilean model is £10 million short of reaching the required budget to take over O’Higgins, but she is gaining more money at an astounding rate.


The model is extremely popular, boasting 1.7 million followers on Twitter. She took to the social media platform to announce her current standing with regard to finances secured to purchase her favorite club:

“I have raised $8m (£6.5m)… today I see in the news that the O’Higgins leadership does not want to sell to me.” Ricardo Abumohor put it up for sale and now that I want to buy it they tell me no! I thought this man was more serious and I’m sure I can do much more for the club than him… I’m from the region, I’m a fan and he’s not!”


“Apparently Abumohor [wants to sell the club] unless a woman wants to buy the club.”

Abumohor family reject Chavez’s claim that they will not sell O’Higgins Football Club to a woman

O’Higgins’ owners, the Abumohor family, have since come out to reject the notion that sexism is playing a role in why Chavez is not a viable candidate to sell to.

A statement from the owners reads (as per the aforementioned source):

“Faced with press articles in digital media that have stated – with reserved sources – that the Abumohor family rules out the sale of the club to a particular person, we want to clarify that this information is erroneous and does not represent the values of the Abumohor family. Although the club has previously stated that it is open to the incorporation of new actors or investors to promote the growth of the institution, these proposals must be formally presented to the leadership that heads the club.”

“The club rejects the notion that they would be opposed to someone based on their origins, race or social status.”

O’Higgins are currently in the Chilean Primera Division where they sit eighth on 28 points with 21 games played. They play their football at the Estadio El Teniente, which has a capacity of 15,000. Former Argentina national team manager Jorge Sampaoli previously managed the side in 2008-09.


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