PES update: How to prevent unauthorised access to your KONAMI ID

In its latest PES update, Konami has announced the introduction of the two step verification and the steps to follow in order to avoid unauthorised access to your KONAMI ID.

Users who allow the two step verification will have an added security layer and prevent their account into falling into wrong hands according to Konami. The two step verification is applicable to both Android and iPhone and iOS platforms.


Below is the PES update from Konami which includes the processes for enabling the two step verification.

Enable Two-Step Verification for KONAMI ID

Two-step verification is now available for use in KONAMI ID.
We strongly suggest enabling this feature to prevent unauthorised access to your KONAMI ID and any of your linked game accounts.


Enabling Two-Step Verification

First, link your game account to your KONAMI ID from [Extras] > [Support] > [Link Data] > [Link Data Using KONAMI ID].
Next, log into My KONAMI using your KONAMI ID and agree to the prompt asking if you would like to enable two-step verification.

What is Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is an added layer of security that helps to prevent your KONAMI ID from falling into the wrong hands. In addition to a valid ID and password, anybody attempting to log in to your KONAMI ID will be asked to enter a confirmation code. This code is sent to you and you alone, ensuring that you are the only individual with all the information required to successfully log in.




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