LeBron James talks first experience of facing Kobe Bryant on the court


LeBron James has shared how he felt ” a sense of awe” when he first shared the court with NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The late Lakers Legend was an inspiration to many young players including four time NBA champion LeBron James.


Lebron was only 19 years in the 2003/2004 season when he first faced his idol before going on to face him on 15 separate occasions until Kobe’s retirement in 2016.

LeBron James

With Bryant’s one year anniversary being celebrated in a few days, LeBron has shared how he felt when he first shared the court with the player.


He said:

I was just in awe,” LeBron, who now holds the Lakers’ reins, said. It’s a guy who along with a lot of other guys was on my wall that I would tape on my wall when I lived in Spring Hill in apartment 602. He was on my wall. He had a nice collage on my wall.


It’s a guy who decided to make the jump from a highschool to the NBA. So it was someone that I was thinking of doing at one point in my junior. And really stopped thinking about it ‘Okay, if Kobe’s done it so I can hopefully learn from him one day along with KG and T-Mac.

Just being on the floor with him. If you remember, he gave me a pair of shoes when I was a junior in highschool. To be able to share the floor with him was like for any kid that has aspirations or has inspiring moments from someone. It’s just the sense of awe of the grace that he played the game with, the passion that he played the game with, the determination to go out and just dominate you is something that I love, something that I was like I can pick from that.

There’s not much dialogue at all as you guys know Kobe. He’s not on floor to talk to anybody. He’s out there to kill you. He’s out there to dethrone you. He’s out there to really strangle hold you. It was just awe moment. It was something that I will never ever forget.


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