NBA Notebook: Triple double delight for James Harden on Houston return


James Harden enjoyed a memorable return to his old franchise after securing a triple double and helping Brooklyn Nets record a win over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

James Harden spent eight years as a player for Rockets and was a big name among the fans but a determination to win the NBA trophy among other reasons led him to depart in the early part of this season.


His departure was not on a good note, with Harden criticizing the team and labelling them not good enough just days before making the switch.

Following Rockets’ blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Harden publicly criticized the team saying: “I love this city. I literally have done everything that I can… I mean, this situation is crazy. It’s something that I don’t think can be fixed”.

He was also fined $50,000 for violating the NBA’s health and safety protocols,  but has proved pivotal for the Brooklyn Nets since making the switch.


It didn’t take too long for James Harden to became the first since Stephon Marbury to score 30 points and make 15 assists in a game. He has also two NBA player of the week recognition while at Brooklyn Nets. 

James Harden followed up his incredible form by posting 29 points, recording 10 REB and 14 assists to power the Brooklyn Nets to a 132-114 win over the Houston Rockets.


The Rockets, leading to the game, shared a touching video via their official Twitter handle to appreciate Harden’s eight year spell at the franchise, while the player himself was pictured interacting with his former teammates.

The win means that the Brooklyn Nets have now won their last two match ups following their 113-124 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night.

The Houston Rockets, on the other hand, are going through a very rough patch, having lost 13 consecutive games this season and in 14th place on the Western Conference table.

NBA Notebook: Triple-double delight for James Harden on Houston return
Harden led the Nets to victory

March 3, Final Scores/Leaders:

Pacers – 114 Cavaliers – 111

Brogdon: 29 Pts. McConnell: 13 Asts. Sabonis: 5 Rebs./Sexton: 32 Pts. Sexton: 10 Asts. Allen: 11 Rebs.

Jazz – 123 Sixers – 131

Mitchell: 33 Pts. Mitchell: 6 Asts. O’Neale: 10 Rebs./Embiid: 40 Pts. Simmons: 6 Asts. Embiid: 19 Rebs.

Pistons – 129 Raptors – 105

Ellington: 25 Pts. Smith Jr.: 11 Asts. Smith Jr.: 12 Rebs./Powell: 36 Pts. Lowry: 6 Asts. Boucher: 8 Rebs.

Nets – 132 Rockets – 114

Harden: 29 Pts. Harden: 14 Asts. Harden: 10 Rebs./Wall: 36 Pts. Wall: 5 Asts. Tate: 10 Rebs.

Hawks – 115 Magic – 112

Young: 32 Pts. Young: 8 Asts. Gallinari: 9 Rebs./Vucevic: 29 Pts. Carter-Williams: 6 Asts. Vucevic: 9 Rebs.

Hornets – 135 Timberwolves – 102

Rozier: 31 Pts. Hayward: 9 Asts. Bridges: 10 Rebs./Rubio: 20 Pts. Rubio: 9 Asts. Towns: 15 Rebs.

Bulls – 128 Pelicans – 124

LaVine: 36 Pts. LaVine: 8 Asts. Carter Jr.: 15 Rebs./Williamson: 28 Pts. Bledsoe: 10 Asts. Williamson: 9 Rebs.

Thunder – 78 Mavericks – 87

Gilgeous-Alexander: 15 Pts. Gilgeous-Alexander: 3 Asts. Bazley: 10 Rebs./Porzingis: 19 Pts. Burke: 6 Asts. Porzingis: 13 Rebs.

Warriors – 106 Blazers – 108

Curry: 35 Pts. Green: 12 Asts. Green: 9 Rebs./Lillard: 22 Pts. Lillard: 6 Asts. Kanter: 14 Rebs.

Lakers – 120 Kings – 123

Schroder: 28 Pts. Schroder: 9 Asts. Harrell: 13 Rebs./Hield: 29 Pts. Fox: 8 Asts. Holmes: 9 Rebs.



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