Frank Lampard: “I’m not stupid, I know we need to get results”


Frank Lampard has emphasized that although he is not fazed by the pressure that comes with his side’s recent poor run, he understands that results are what he needs to deliver for the club.

Chelsea are on a poor run of form after going 17 games unbeaten in all competitions earlier in the season. They have lost three consecutive away games against Everton, Wolves and Arsenal in recent weeks, while drawing at home to Aston Villa in their last game.


The recent inconsistencies resonate with Lampard, as his side suffered a similar fate in his first season in charge of the club.  And while he admits that he is not bothered by the pressure, Lampard has stressed that he is not ‘stupid’ and knows that they need to get results.

Frank Lampard: "I’m not stupid, I know we need to get results"
Chelsea have been on a poor run lately. Image credit: Reuters

In an interview with Chelsea’s official website, Lampard drew similarities between the club’s recent form and major parts of last season and insists that although not under pressure, he needs to deliver.

It’s not the first test like this, Lampard indicated. Last year there were many tests through the season from start to finish.


There was when I first started, there was around Christmas last year when we went from seven wins back-to-back to a difficult time, and that’s the nature of the job when you’re coming into a team that’s young and changing.

You’re not going to go from zero to 100 so you have to be ready for those times. I think one of my strengths hopefully is never being too excited when we’re going well, I was trying to dampen flames after Leeds for instance when everyone was talking us up, and then my job is to not be too down when we have results go against us.


The first person that puts pressure on me is me,’ Lampard emphasises. I do that all the time for good or for bad so that doesn’t change much, but I’m not stupid, I know we need to get results.

Perfect time to bounce back?

Frank Lampard will be hoping that his side can return to winning ways against Manchester City on Sunday after picking just a point in their last two games.

They face a Manchester City side which has been hit hard by Covid-19, with City boss Guardiola confirming that 5 of his players will be unavailable for the fixture at Stamford Bridge.

Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus are the only two players known out of the five and Chelsea could find themselves in a good position to secure all three points at Stamford Bridge.


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