Exclusive: Frank Lampard talks Chelsea sack, “no relegation” target and more


Former Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard has provided an exclusive insight into his managerial term at Chelsea following his departure in January.

The club legend was fired after a poor run of results despite heavy acquisitions made for him in the summer.


In an exclusive interview, he has shed light on how he was sacked, the target he was given and the players he had to bring in.

Frank Lampard on what Chelsea wanted: “They didn’t expect that [to win the league]. Marina said to me ‘we understand if we don’t end up where we normally end up, we don’t want to be relegated’. I remember those words.”

Frank Lampard on Edouard Mendy signing:


“The club were supportive of that. I don’t think I’m being harsh on Kepa as he had a tough year and he’s talented, but I felt it was a position which we could improve. Mendy was the result, who has been fantastic.”

Frank Lampard on decision make at Chelsea:


“The owner [Roman Abramovich]. You don’t always get it direct. You respect that, I’ve always respected him. I wouldn’t be sitting in the position I am now without him. To be fair, he’s made some good decisions.”

Frank Lampard on Chelsea winning UCL: “I got quite a few messages after, ‘that’s your team’. I’m like ‘no it’s not’. Fair play to [Thomas] Tuchel and the club for taking them that far. I will never take ownership of that.”

Frank Lampard:

“Thiago Silva sent me a beautiful message after the game [UCL final] saying ‘thanks for bringing me to club’.”

Frank Lampard: “I’m ready to work. I’m excited about it. I miss it.”

Frank Lampard on Chelsea sack and its feeling:

“I could feel it. I was being told some things that it might happen, rumours. Chelsea is such a club that changes managers. I’m not silly, you listen, but you keep working.”

“We had beaten Luton in the FA Cup. It was the next morning, I got a message from Bruce Buck saying ‘can you move training and come and meet us in the boardroom?’ I knew straight away. There is no nice way to do that.”

“When I met Bruce and Marina it was cordial, I knew what was coming. You’re thankful for the period, understand what it is, they’re going to move on and there is nothing you can do.”

“When you take the job you understand that call may come. At Chelsea, probably it will come unless you win back-to-back titles all the time which is never going to happen.”

Frank Lampard on Chelsea job:

“I thought it would be short-term. I couldn’t have put a time on that. It ended up being 18 months. I was concerned about the level of expectation compared to the squad and job I had on my hands.”

“It felt like a transition, at most a rebuild, which is too much as there was some good players in that squad.”

Frank Lampard on Timo Werner signing: “Timo was a big one because Liverpool and Manchester United were in for him. When I had the conversation with Timo, I knew I had to be on my game to get him to come.”

Frank Lampard on Thiago Silva signing: “Thiago Silva was a no-brainer. When he came up, I was rubbing my hands together and going ‘yes please, free transfer’. He’s been one of the best centre-backs in the world for a while.”

Frank Lampard: “With Timo and Kai there was clearly going to be adaptation issues. They were shocked at the speed of training, physical demands of the game.”

Frank Lampard on Ben Chilwell signing: “Ben Chilwell was a big one I wanted. I’d wanted a left-back of his qualities.”

Frank Lampard:

“I would have conversations with Marina, regularly enough. It could be messages. I went out of my way to have that. I wanted to have that relationship with her because I think it was important. I had the benefit of Petr coming in. We were close as players, friends, and he then got into the office opposite me. It was a nice in between ground for me. I certainly didn’t feel absolutely alone.I didn’t really [speak to Roman Abramovich], I didn’t need to, it wasn’t like that. I felt the support, I’m thankful they gave me the job.”

Frank Lampard on different brutality at Chelsea:

“No. Why would it be? There’s no room for sentiment. You are there to do a job. If I went in thinking that I would’ve been naive. It might give me some favour with the fans who go every week but when I went in, if I’m brutally honest, I didn’t think it was going to be a five-year project. History told you not.”

Frank Lampard: “Eden [Hazard] was the best player in the Premier League. You could really feel the reliance had been on him. Gets us out of trouble on a bad day and he did it time and time again. It was very clear.”



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