Esports Icon Tfue Launches Animated “NFTfue King of Gaming” NFT Collection 

One of the most widely streamed gamers in the world, Tfue is the very first in the space to launch his own NFT


Tampa, FL ( April 7 , 2021) –  Turner Tenney, better known as Tfue, announces the NFTfue King of Gaming Collection today.

The exclusive NFT collection celebrates Tfue’s unprecedented reign as one of the world’s most notable esports champions across Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Minecraft.


The collection will be auctioned exclusively on, beginning on Thursday April 8 at 7pm EST and closing on Saturday April 10 at 7pm EST. Fans and bidders can also find out more by visiting

Tfue, who is the first esports figure to launch his own NFT series, personally oversaw the art direction for his animated collection which showcases him as an actual character within his favorite games.

Tfue announced the exclusive art series to his 10 million plus followers and 12 million plus subscribers during a live game stream on Tuesday night.


To celebrate this historic NFT drop, Tfue will be hosting a private gaming stream with all NFTfue King of Gaming NFT holders on a future date.

“This NFT project is something that I have had in the works for a while but right out of the gate, it seemed like a natural fit. Clearly I’ve built my name and my brand in a digital space, and my fans understand and are interested in the world of crypto. I was really hands on with the art direction – wanting to bring a high-level of design to the NFTs that bring characters of me to life. I’m excited to be the first in the gaming space to launch, and am excited to see excitement the drop will generate.” – Tfue


For this endeavour, Tfue partnered with Medium Rare, the company responsible for Super Bowl Champ Rob Gronkowski’s $1.75 million NFT success in March. Together Tfue and Medium Rare built out the one-of-a-kind collection below:

1-of-1 King of Gaming Showdown NFT Video Fortnite 

Fortnite NFT Video: limited to 33 editions available on Auction

Call of Duty NFT Video: limited to 33 editions available on Auction

Minecraft NFT Video: limited to 33 editions available on Auction

Fortnite NFT Bobblehead: limited to 100 editions and available for purchase for 1ETH

Call of Duty NFT Bobblehead: limited 100  editions and available for purchase for 1ETH

Minecraft NFT Bobblehead: limited to 100 editions and available for purchase for 1ETH

Collection Preview – Click HERE

The crown jewel of the collection is the 1-of-1 NFT which combines all three of Tfue’s characters into a single work of art. The winning bidder of this NFT will also be awarded the opportunity to meet Tfue in Tampa, FL for an epic day of streaming, game play, vlogging, jet skiing and more.

The NFTfue Bobblehead Collection, limited to only 100 editions, will also come with a physical version of the bobblehead that will be shipped directly to the winning bidder.  This particular part of the Collection’s auction will open for purchase later on Saturday April 10 at 6pm EST.

“As I on boarded with the guys from Medium Rare to take this to launch, we saw a huge opportunity for the auction beyond the NFTs themselves. Like they saw with the Rob Gronkowsi NFT drop, bidders are really looking for something exclusive and a way to celebrate the winning bid in real life. With that in mind, we have a couple of opportunities here including custom NFTfue bobble heads that go with that NFT collection. And for my 1 of 1, the winning bidders will also get to spend a day with me in person, doing the things I love from gaming to jet skiing.” -Tfue

All of Tfue’s NFTs will be available for auction Thursday April 8th at 7pm ET. In order to bid you must pay using Ethereum; the auction will not accept credit cards. The auction will end after 48 hours on Saturday April 10th at 7pm ET. All editions will be sold to the highest bidder, English auction style.




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