Evening Round-up: Esports audience in Russia hit 15.4M; Ubisoft invitational postponed


The outstanding revelation by Nielsen Sports indicating the incredible growth in Russia’s eSports in 2020 headlines today’s Evening Round-up.

The research firm has released a report detailing the growth of the Russian esports audience. In 2020, the audience grew by 28% to 15.4M accounting for people aged 13 and over.


Of that audience, which breaks down to 64% men and 36% women, Nielsen noted a significant increase during 2020, aligning with similar growth for streaming and the gaming industry as a whole due to pandemic lockdowns.

Approximately 25% of fans surveyed for the report “began to follow matches during the past year.” Of that new audience, 54% identified as girls and women.

In a release, Nielsen Sports’ Head of Esports Michael Heina noted that while the growth of the female audience for esports is a global trend, “the effect is outstandingly strong in Russia.” Click on the link for the full story. 


Source: The Esports Observer

Other stories in today’s Round-up

Ubisoft announces postponement of Six Invitational

French game developer Ubisoft has postponed the Six Invitational 2021 after the French Prime Minister announced that France’s borders will be closed to all citizens outside of Europe.


The developer aimed to commence Raindow Six Siege’s event live in Paris on February 9th.

The Six Invitational usually takes place in Montreal but in a bid to host a live event, it was moved to Paris. As such, the competition was going to be the first offline Rainbow Six event since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click on the link for the full story. 

Source: Esports Insider 

PUBG Rolls Out Esports Plan for 2021

At a recent press conference ahead of its online PGI.S competition, PUBG Esports announced a plan to hold four total PUBG global events this year. The format will remain similar to 2020 with the return of the PUBG Continental Series, and culminating with a PUBG Global Championship in November. The focus will remain online for the PCS due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, PUBG Esports noted during the press conference that it will focus on three areas with its program – the fans, pro players, and global representation. The company will address these areas through developing more convenient and interactive viewing experiences, increasing prize pools and revenue sharing, and emphasizing the global nature of its competitions. Click on the link for the full story. 

Source: The Esports Observer 

Xbox Series X|S Sales Not Far Behind PS5, Analyst Says

The PS5 may have outsold the Xbox Series X|S as launch, but according to one analyst, the difference between the two platforms may not have been as great as you think.

The PS5 sold about 4.5 million units in 2020, which accounted for about a month and a half, but the Xbox Series X is nearly keeping pace.

The estimate comes from analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners, who says the Xbox Series X|S sold “a bit over 1 million” fewer systems than the PS5.

This would put it at a little under 3.5 million systems, which is nothing to scoff at when considering the supply shortages, pandemic restrictions, and price of the systems. Click on the link for the full story. 

Source: Gamespot 


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