One for the Guinness book of records: Stephen Curry drills 105 straight 3s in practice


Stephen Curry having expressed his disappointment of seeing his side lose two consecutive defeats in the season, is doing all possible to ensure that the Golden State Warriors’ losing streak does not continue.

The man who has been named as one of the best shooters of all time was busy in practice as he drilled in 105 straight 3 pointers for more than five minutes before human error finally surfaced. The 105 straight 3 pointers surpasses Curry’s previous record of 77 straight 3 pointers according to coach Steve Kerr.


Coach Steve Kerr actually only heard about his shooting star afterward but was quick to add that the incredible feat should go into the Guinness Book of World Records .

He said: “I think his previous record was 77. That’s insane. I don’t know if the Guinness Book of World Records still exists. That was one of my favorite books growing up. If it still exists that should go in the book, because we have video evidence now apparently.”

Curry’s new record took place at the Bulls’ practice facility and was captured by the Warriors who indicated that they captured the final 103 on video.

Draymond Green didn’t witness the all-out downpour, but he is plenty confident in Curry’s count.

“I have zero doubt that he did it. I don’t need to watch a video to see how they went in, any of that,” Green said. “As I’ve always said, obviously the greatest shooter I think to ever play this game. As great as that is, I can’t sit here and act like, ‘Oh, I’m surprised.’ It’s just not really surprising to me. It’s such an incredible thing but I’m sorry, Steph, it doesn’t really get me up out of my seat that he hit 105 in a row, ’cause if you said anyone’s going to hit 105 3s in a row, my guess would be Steph. He’s capable of it. Anything with shooting the basketball he’s capable of doing it.

“It’s dope, super dope.”

Curry, the NBA record-holder for most 3s made in a season (402), played just five games due to injury last season and is leading a Warriors team missing Klay Thompson (torn Achilles). Golden State will likely need real-game performances that hint at what he’s doing in practice to stay afloat in the competitive Western Conference.


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