Bruno Fernandes; Player could emulate Eric Cantona say Paul Ince and Jamie Carragher

Paul Ince and Jamie Carragher have compared the influence Eric Cantona had at Manchester United to Bruno Fernandes' current impact at Old Trafford.


Paul Ince and Jamie Carragher have compared the influence Eric Cantona had at Manchester United to Bruno Fernandes’ current impact at Old Trafford.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher compared the two players during his discussion with Machester United legend Paul Ince.


Explaining that Cantona has been hugely credited for his role in bringing the Premier League title back to Old Trafford, Carragher posited that Bruno Fernandes will be similarly praised if Manchester United won the Premier League title.

Jamie Carragher said ” I think with Cantona, he is almost remembered, certainly at Manchester United, because he is the man who brought the title back to Manchester United.

Obviously a lot of players, Sir Alex Fergurson [played a role], but he is seen as that man. If Manchester United were to go and win the title, I think we’d all look at Fernandes, wouldn’t we? We’d all look at the impact of Fernandes and he was the man to bring the title.”

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes has been hailed for his impact on the Manchester United team. Credit: Red devil Armada

Ince was also complementary of Fernandes, viewing him as good enough to be compared to Manchester United great. He however stated that Fernandes could not be expected to be the sole factor in Manchester United’s push for the title and was a bit cautious in making such a statement.

As premature as Carragher’s assessments may be, Bruno Fernandes has proven himself to be a game-changer and can almost single-handedly be credited for United’s upturn in form.


His arrival last season came with an immediate upsurge in performances and Manchester United has looked a better team since then.

Of course, expectations need to be tempered since there is still a long way to go before Bruno can be said to have cemented his place as an Old Trafford legend. He is nonetheless on track to do just that.


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