Exclusive: Bayes Esports to solidify position as world’s leading Esports data provider


The Chief Executive Officer of Bayes Esports solutions, Martin Dachselt, has disclosed to the in an exclusive interview, that his outfit are determined to consolidate their position as the leading Esports data provider in the world.

The year 2020 saw Bayes Esports solutions entering into partnership agreement with League of Legends, CSGO and Dota2 for live event overage to enhance their profile as one of the best Esports data providers in the world.


The success was achieved by the ‘infant company’ despite the insurgence of Covid-19 throughout larger parts of the year, and their CEO believes they can consolidate their position with other innovations this year.

Martin Dachselt indicated that an ambitious plan which will include technological innovations as well as partnerships with other titles and events will see them grow even better and stronger this year.

We are the market leader in esports data services, and we’ll solidify that position in 2021 in all aspects, he said.


We are doubling down on our technological innovations, such as the BEDEX data marketplace, and we are developing additional products.

Bayes Esports is already offering the highest quality content through exclusive partnerships with Riot Games, ESL, and Dreamhack, and we are expanding both game titles and event coverage.


At the end of 2020, we closed a round of financing, and we will drive for profitability. We are the only provider that can establish data partnerships of this complexity and immediately scale monetization globally through our JV with Sportradar.

Sportradar is the industry leader in traditional sports data with a truly global infrastructure, and we’re happy to be part of the family.  

Martin again expressed that his outfit are working on changing the way content are delivered to fans in the industry with a technology that puts together data and video.

He said: “We are currently working on a technology that brings data and video together. This will not only revolutionize analytics but also the way we deliver content to fans.

On the one hand, we expanded the contract with Riot and tripled their tournament portfolio. On the other hand, we have ESL and Dreamhack (CS:GO).

We have also agreed to a brand-new deal with BTS and are about to sign a contract with another top publisher.

The full interview with Bayes Esports Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, Martin will be published soon.


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