5 best free games like PUBG Mobile Lite under 450 MB file size


Fans of shooter video games who don’t own fancy devices prefer PUBG Mobile Lite because of the realistic and high-octane action. However, due to consistent updates, the game has become heavier in terms of download size, which has also led to the rise of ROM issues on several lower-end smartphones.

Hence, to enjoy a top-notch shooter gaming experience on low-end devices, there are limited options available right now on the Play Store. Players can hardly find any alternative for PUBG Mobile Lite under 450 MB download size, but there are some games that players should try.


PUBG Mobile Lite: Best alternatives under 450 MB for the popular shooter

Hero Hunters

Download size – 132 MB

New users can find plenty of differences between Hero Hunters and PUBG Mobile. However, the former offers an engaging gaming experience with unique RPG features, and one can operate different weapons while playing other Heroes in the game. However, the graphics are stylized to depict a futuristic urban setting with PvP gameplay.

MaskGun – Online multiplayer FPS shooting gun game

Download size – 142 MB


After Hero Hunters, MaskGun is another shooter that low-end users can enjoy without much fuss. The game provides a similar MP experience to PUBG Mobile Lite with many other in-game customizations. Players can choose between game modes like Team Deathmatch, Rumble, MOD, and Control point.

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Download size – 344 MB


Cover Fire is another mobile game that takes inspiration from various popular shooters and is available for less than 450 MB on the Play Store. Different weapons provide a realistic gaming experience, but the game has limitations.

Infinity Ops

Download size – 443 MB

If players are bored of PUBG Mobile Lite’s setting, Infinity Ops is an excellent alternative as an FPS. Users can try out various weapons with different prowess while equipping Exo suits.

Infinity Ops has modes like TDM, Deathmatch, Hardcore, and custom game. There are various features like Jetpacks, Material interaction, Armament, Clans, and many more.

Pixel Gun Mobile Shooter: BATTLE ROYALE Simulator

Download size – 41 MB

Pixel Gun Mobile Shooter’s gameplay seems like a direct adaptation of PUBG Mobile Lite with the graphics of Minecraft. The highly compressed shooter provides a battle royale experience with a blocky battlefield setting.

Like PUBG Mobile Lite, the winner is decided by the last man standing, and the design of the game’s graphics and terrains makes it likable.



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